Working!! Re:ORDER 1

I don't know, I'm really happy right now. I've always been a fan of Working!!. I of course like most people got to know it because of the anime adaptation, and when I recently found out that there is a sequel, I just felt an immediate urge to read it. Oh how I miss this series so much.

Anyway, I asked Mukki to help me translate the first chapter of this series, truth to be told, he's not a fan of Working!!. He hasn't even read nor watched the series yet(Azure and Fivehan too xD). So unless we got a Jp translator who wants to help us out in this, we're probably not going to continue it. I have the raws though, so if anyone want to work on it by themselves I can give those as well.

P.s I'll attach 2 pages which was part of the volume below, I'll upload it to Batoto altogether when/if we got the translator for its 4-komas(part of the volume as well).

List of uploaded chapters:
Working!! Re:Order 1 - Yachiyo & Satou's Date
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Working!! Re:Order Extra Pages
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