Shomin Sample Spin-off 6

Here is the obligatory bath chapter, it's a bit NSFW so yeah. The highlight of this chapter was definitely that 'small' joke from Kujou xD.

Btw, Mediafire has been giving me shitty error so I'll upload it on GDrive for a while, do note that I'll delete those files in the future since as you probably know GDrive has limited storage space and I'm also using it as Cheesy Scans main drive with my acc, which takes up a lot.

And now as to the most important info and probably the most relevant one, is that this is the last chapter of volume 1, which is the raws we've been using up to now. From now on we will use KR scans(which is surprisingly decent) unless we do get some raws from some random people or we get some left-over from the projected budget.

List of uploaded chapters:
Shomin Sample Spin-off 6 - Bath Time!
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