Shomin Sample Chapter 53

Took a while, but truth to be told this had a lot of redraws. And to me atleast, the wait was worth it.

On another note, unrelated with the current chapter, but England just lost in the Euros. To Iceland. Iceland. No disrespect to them, but their population are literally the same with Leicester, and their assistant manager is a fucking dentist. How the fuck did they manage to do this. Like, seriously. If this was supposed to be personal blog about football, I seriously don't know how long this post would be. It's just.. A disgrace, really.

Sorry about the mini rant, don't mind that, have to get it out of the way somehow. Anyway, it seems that chapter 54 haven't been released yet.. So.. Hey, we caught up xD.(edit: Well you know what. Atleast digitally) Another good news is that, Clockwork Planet is back on. We finished chapter 24, but we're planning to make it a double release, so will have to wait a while longer.

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Shomin Sample Chapter 53 - How Should I Let Her Go?
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