We're Dropping Shomin Sample [Mass Release]

So yeah, with now a site called MangaFast starting to release their version, we decided to drop it. I mean, there's no point in it again, is there?

Anyway, put the joke aside, here are some releases from 4 series. Will continue RE:Order too, not sure when we will be able to release it though. And some plan to do a joint with amplified to do Otometic Syndrome again.

Regarding Shomin Sample, like usual release when we're done with it we'll release it, it will probably be faster next time, who knows. But yeah, we will continue as long as we have the raws. And at the time when we don't have that anymore, we will drop it. Simple as. Because unlike Nisekoi or most popular series, we can't get the raws through 3 seconds of Google search.

Tl;dr: If we happen to drop it, it's not because of the lack of interest caused by the ending of the LN or anything...

If a link or two are unavailable, wait for a few hours. Or a few days possibly...

Okay so basically, we didn't redraw the magazine commentary for this chapter of Shomin because Daniel's is busy with his rl. But we might release another version altogether with next chapter release, if the situation changed by then. If you want to know, It basically says "Same ol' Shomin Club, same ol' Aika, here she goes again!!".

List of uploaded chapters:
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai 3
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Shomin Sample 55 - Roll Your Eyes Correctly!
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Working!! Web-ban 6 - June Part
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Owari no Seraph 48 - The Angel's Mechanism
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