My Pre-Wedding Chapter 4 & An Announcement

Woah, this one has been delayed for so long, it's been in the drive and I just need to do the fix too, sorry for that. Chapter 5 will come shortly it just needs proofreading and QC'ing.

And as for the announcement, it's actually about two of our delayed series, 'Otome Teki Shindoromu' and 'Shomin Sample Spin-off'. Both of them are continuing now. Otome chapter 3 & 5 have been translated and just need to be typesetted, chapter 4 translation is pretty much done. Shomin Sample Spin-off chapter 5 translation is on 50%. So, look forward to it.

It'd definitely speed up the release if we have more help, especially on redrawing & typesetting.

P.S. I'm working on a script to make a webtoon reader since I suppose most of our projects are webtoons in the end.(Edit: Just realized there is no need for that, just going to make a simple show of images)

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My Pre-Wedding Chapter 4
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